Book your festival dates early so you get the exact date and tide to suit your or your group every year most anglers leave it to the last minuet and struggle to get a good tide don’t let it be you this year. next years tide tables availible via myself or you can see the next 28 days via the link R/H side of this page

Sring….April 5th – 20st     Summer……June 21st – July 13th

Autumn…….. September 13th – 28th

    Beginners or experts individuals or groups everything is explained on this website all the info pages charter costs  availability calendar etc. can be found along the header tabs 

    No matter what your experience we have the time and patience to help guide you smoothly through your first fishing trip (unlike some charters) please read the itinerary page it’s a must read for all anglers 

You can be assured you will be getting the best Whitby fishing has to offer on the Sea Urchin II  why not download our Free iphone  App with availability calendar and keep up to date with tides, weather, catch reports, and much more all from your phone

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